The Magic Doesn’t Wait On Us

So you didn’t read Dr. Seuss last night to your child when you had the chance to?  What if last night’s magic may not be there tonight? Sure, you are 35 years old for 12 months, but a child is only 3 years and 331 days old for a day.

The candles glow on the dinner table with just enough light to illuminate the table and the faces that surround it. Inch tall flames dance so we may experience and take in this ancient tradition all the while they’re whispering to us, “be here”. Magic. And then the magic of the flame is robbed by screens with faces lit by check-ins, status updates, pins, and tweets all in the name of heart-shaped like buttons.

Gratitude has its longevity, but the beauty of its weight is felt and found immediately when it is initially laid upon us. Take the magic that gratitude offers today…no, take it now. Find some paper, write the note, seal it, stamp it, and drop it in the mail. Your words won’t know if they’re on cardstock or scrap paper. The magic is in the inked writing, not the paper. Who needs to know that you have breathed easier because of them?

What has you inspired, fired up, and focused today may not have the same magic tomorrow. Inspiration funds our moments that are to produce a future that excites us. Magic today is for today and tomorrow’s magic will have its own new name and face for you as well.

Carpe diem, carpe magic.

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