The Key of See

Really, we just want a better view – a glimpse – and to hold all there is to hold and see all there is to see.

For the Love, please glow.

For the Love, gaze between the lines in the crossfire of empty and wordy.

For the Love, please shine where it’s dark.

For the Love, put your ear to the clouds.

For the Love, please illuminate the space you’ve been entrusted with.

For the Love, lead with your soul.

The Love is shining on the overlooked and hidden so that you may report back and enlighten us to their hidden beauty and whimsy.

See the circle? Love shines. You shine. We see.

When life is lived and lit up at the soul level that is precisely when all heads and hearts nearby turn to participate in music that is unfolding in the key of see.

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3 thoughts on “The Key of See

  1. YAHTZEE. This was REALLY good!!!

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  2. Reno Gustafson says:

    I love it!!! Dad

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  3. Patrick Murphy says:

    Powerful play on words Ashton! They are inspired! And some great thoughts to expand on those words. Thank you! I think you just named a chapter in your next book or maybe an entire book???

    Pat M

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