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LTMP Podcast Episode 15: Lighter and Brighter

LTMP Podcast #15 (1)

What if we changed our new year resolutions from numbers and the world of measurement to ideals, hopes, and positive mantras we seek to live out and live through our moments? That’s the discussion LTMP Episode 15.

A wonderful book to journey with here is The Art of Possibility by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander. This book realigns me every time I come back to it. I recommend reading it a couple of times a year…it’s that good.



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You and Your Words

They carry us.

They build new worlds.

They can oxygenate a suffocating room and they suffocate a room that  breathes on hope.

They take us to new places.

They shine the way.

And, sometimes, they’re all we have.

You design and choose them and they will go wherever you send them.

And, in the end, our worlds reflect our words.

So before you say it, type it, text it, or even repeat it…think about what type of world you want to live in.

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Q & A

In pursuit of the all the answers, don’t forget to ask and keep asking the great and big questions.

There’s a shift that’s happening for many that are awaking from their slumber.

And it appears these great and big questions just might be the answers we were always looking for.

PS – We’re finishing up Project November, December: Gratitude to Joy. Please click here to join the fun for the next two weeks on Instagram.

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What’s next?

Here’s the good news, the answer to the question ‘what’s next’ is currently in you.

Have you noticed the trees recently?

The leaves are beautifully falling away right now, but where would you expect to find the next ones that are waiting to replace them?

On the inside.

Though outwardly we’re wasting away and losing our leaves, yet inwardly we’re being renewed and prepping for the next bloom.

So may you rake your leaves and be grateful for their role in this last season.

Just don’t keep trying to glue them back on.

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