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It just takes one…

…great question to be the air in your life’s sails.

Most won’t scurry up the bravery to even ask a question big enough to move them across their seas. But that’s not their fault. More than likely the guy or gal before them didn’t ask either and we won’t ask what we aren’t shown to ask.

This is your friendly reminder to ask.

For me, this is what happens for me when I ask “What is the music?”. The sails pop full, cup the wind, and I’m off into the horizon of whimsy and mystery.

If I’m ever able to give what I believe to have found is the full answer to the question above, I promise I’ll be off to the a new question.

As for you, keep asking until your boat sails without your rowing.

And if you’re boat is sailing, don’t lose the wonder of where the wind may be blowing you.


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Q & A

In pursuit of the all the answers, don’t forget to ask and keep asking the great and big questions.

There’s a shift that’s happening for many that are awaking from their slumber.

And it appears these great and big questions just might be the answers we were always looking for.

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Q & A

In the end, our greatest questions will end up being our greatest answers that we will live and light up our worlds with.

Ask the right ones.

Seek what’s beautiful.

Knock on the door of mystery.

It will be given.

You will find.

Doors will open.

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