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The Best of 2016 Let The Music Play Podcast

Dearest music maker,

I am so grateful for you joining me on the journey of making music with our lives. 2016 was a wonderful and beautiful year for Let The Music Play Podcast.

I remember the first time I ever interviewed someone twelve months ago. I didn’t know how to work the recording device and had no idea how much of an art form interviewing someone is. Nevertheless, I kept hitting record and asking my heroes, mystics, authors, artists, sages, and philosophers about the music they make with their life, relationships, and careers.

In this episode you will find a few of the highlights from the past year’s interviews. Enjoy!

And a BIG thank you goes out to Ryan O’Neal of Sleeping At Last for providing the music playing behind all of this wisdom shared!





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LTMP Episode 17: The ONE Thing with Jay Papasan


I am so thrilled to have Jay Papasan in Episode 17 @ Let The Music Play. Jay is a bestselling author, Vice President of Rellek Publishing, co-owner of Keller Capital, and co-owner, alongside his wife Wendy, of Papasan Properties Group with Keller Williams Realty in Austin, Texas. The books he’s helped craft have collectively sold over 8 million copies. His most recent work with Gary Keller on The ONE Thing has sold over half a million copies worldwide and garnered more than 350 appearances on national bestseller lists, including #1 on The Wall Street Journal’s hardcover business list.

No matter your role or current stage of life, this is a conversation that will help you get more purpose, more meaning, and more fulfillment out of your days.

You can follow Jay on Twitter or at JayPapasan.org.

You can also find more episodes of Let The Music Play by clicking here.

Enjoy and remember to share this with those you love and lead!

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Adios Summer. Things learned. Things seen. Things Enjoyed. And things worth sharing.

More and more of less and less. This has become my mantra for 2014 and I’ve read and gathered a ton of great data, information, random experiences, and insight as to how this mantra can help anyone in any period of their lives.

Check out these books.

Alton Lane.  Instead of 3 suits, buy one really great/perfect/made-to-fit suit. It’s fun too.

Moleskin Journal for Evernote. If you’re an Evernote user, you’ll love this. If you journal, you’ll love this. If you only do one of these, you’ll be doing the other by the time you’ve filled the pages. Hint: reflection is a great teacher.

The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet. Everything you need in national and global news. Just a couple minutes and your up-to-date with relevant and important information. Then go make your own news.

Miles Davis. Let us not forget what jazz does to our bones.

Seaside, Florida. Imagine a world without McDonalds or Starbucks. Welcome to Seaside. We think you’ll find some clarity here.

Godspeed in your pursuit of the music that creates meaning, purpose, and fulfillment and I hope to see you around.

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