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What will your news be today?

You would be shocked if you knew how many knees were bent right now in prayer.

No doubt that thousands of poems are being typed and written right now.

Just a guess, but I would bet that over 1,000 times a minute today someone holds a door for someone with their hands full.

Ten billion thank you’s will be exchanged today. Easily.

I’m guessing that over 10,000 crossing guards this morning stopped traffic for lunch pale toting ducklings on their way to school.

Right now….right this very minute…thousands of chefs are preparing menus and dreaming in flavors for their Friday night guests.

If a billion cut roses are sold in the United States each year, that means that at least 31 buds per second are bursting in our universe today before they get to your vase. For your enjoyment, by the way.

And guess what? The sun pulled up over our horizon again this morning.

Here’s the catch of the day…once you learn to see it, you’ll see it everywhere.

See what?

Beauty. Benevolence. Whimsy. Hope. Thrill. Joy. Experience. Euphoria. Etc.

Breaking news! You’re the host of the today show.


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Adios Summer. Things learned. Things seen. Things Enjoyed. And things worth sharing.

More and more of less and less. This has become my mantra for 2014 and I’ve read and gathered a ton of great data, information, random experiences, and insight as to how this mantra can help anyone in any period of their lives.

Check out these books.

Alton Lane.  Instead of 3 suits, buy one really great/perfect/made-to-fit suit. It’s fun too.

Moleskin Journal for Evernote. If you’re an Evernote user, you’ll love this. If you journal, you’ll love this. If you only do one of these, you’ll be doing the other by the time you’ve filled the pages. Hint: reflection is a great teacher.

The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet. Everything you need in national and global news. Just a couple minutes and your up-to-date with relevant and important information. Then go make your own news.

Miles Davis. Let us not forget what jazz does to our bones.

Seaside, Florida. Imagine a world without McDonalds or Starbucks. Welcome to Seaside. We think you’ll find some clarity here.

Godspeed in your pursuit of the music that creates meaning, purpose, and fulfillment and I hope to see you around.

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After another negative news story in the background this evening, I turned the television off.

Off. Not muted or paused. Off.

Jazz has always felt appropriate as the moon swaps places with the sun, so I went with Miles Davis and shifted the mood. Eventually, the playlist led to a track called ‘Weirdo’. Something changed in that moment. The air became cleaner. Creativity fluttered. The food even tasted better.

Thank you clarity. Thank you Miles. And sweet Muse, please keep leading us away from our unnecessary and often blinding routines.

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