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When a group gathers around a campfire, a dinner table, or even a cause, the topic of conversation that tends to unfold hasn’t changed much in the last 2,000 years.

Nowhere does it say that the trend will set us free.

Just a friendly reminder for our lives, families, and businesses.

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Cut, Lead. Cut, Lead. Cut, Lead.

Want to be the efficiency leader, be the cutting wasted time leader. The proverbial smoke break has swapped places with social media. Think about it.

Want to be the customer service leader, then lead your current customers and cut out chasing the customer that will never be yours. You current customers will be mainly responsible for your new customers in the years ahead anyway.

Want to be the profit leader, be the cost cutting leader. Do more with less.

More of something is always available when less something is around or being attended to.

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