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The Space

You have millions of spaces in your mind where you store all of the options that surround you.

There’s a space for hotels.

There’s a space for cars.

There’s a space for shoes.

There’s a space for insurance.

There’s a space for massage therapy.

There’s a space for a spa.

There’s even a space for a spa for your pet.

There’s a space for restaurants and then subspaces for a sushi restaurant, Italian restaurant, Paleo restaurant, etc.

There’s a space for anything that can be dreamed up and everything that is.

Are you what comes to mind when one thinks of that thing that you do, that market you serve, that service you provide, or a specific category of thoughts?

We tend to the think billboards, yellow pages, SEO, pay-per-click, and social media streams as the space where we must be, but we can’t continue to overlook this unseen and underestimated and underutilized space.

Own your space.

Become the expert for the space you should occupy.

The space is tight and the mind tends to not accept two when one will do.

Also, spaces of the mind that have vacancies can spot fake from a mile away. Be you. Be real. Be genuine. Say please. Write thank you. Care.

Crab > Krab

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Mirror Talk

The recipe needs a chef.

The art needs an artist.

The poem needs a poet.

The blog needs a blogger.

The music needs a musician.

Want do you want?

Maybe the bigger question is, have you accepted the label/role/responsibility/obligation/duty that is required to get what you want?

Don’t wait to feel it.

First, be it.

Next, do it.

Eventually, you’ll have it.

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The Friendship of Befriending

“You like to surf? I have a friend that owns a surf shop. You guys should connect. I’ll connect you.”

“You’re looking to sell your home? I have a friend that sells real estate. Maybe you could ask her to come check out your home? Here’s her number.”

“You’ve gone gluten free? I have a friend that shares information like that with me all the time. They just sent me this guy’s web site.

We’ll always share the friendship aspect of a friend before we’ll share how a friends pays his or her light bill or hobbies their time.

Word of mouth is back and 99.9% of the time it starts with “I have a friend…..”

Be nice.

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What’s the word?

That’s what we’re typically looking for and need to know when we ask something.

Here’s the catch (literally):

We must juggle a sentence.

We have to tow a paragraph.

But we can hold a word.

Everything is pointing towards more and more of less and less.

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