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A student or a follower?

One wonders.

The other thinks they’re not wandering, because they’re following.

One high-fives the status quo and repeats history.

The other writes the history that will eventually be repeated.

Question….Are you here for and A or are you here to learn?

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Don’t Let The Newness Rub Off. And If/When It Does, Reapply it.

John W. Gardner wrote over 50 years ago, “The self-renewing man … looks forward to an endless and unpredictable dialogue between his potentialities and the claims of life — not only the claims he encounters but the claims he invents.”

What have you claimed today? Is it just ‘another’ Monday?

Self-renewal comes with today not just being another Monday, but seeing it as a gift. That being the gift of existence, presence, and the opportunity for awakening and renewal between sunrise and sunset. ‘Another’ has monotonous connotation to it, but a gift is unwrapped because we wonder what newness is under its wrapping.

Have you claimed just to have a job? The hope of self-renewal rests in not just sitting within your so-called job, but actively participating with it in the midst of your story and the grand story we are all collectively in. ‘Job well done’ always follows a life seeking to be well spent.

Until one’s palate is sophisticated for such endeavors towards daily renewal, it will never fully know what potential is there to behold.

What else are you claiming?

Perhaps the question itself is enough to invent an answer, a song, and a story to be renewed every day and thereafter.

Are you counting down the days? Or is today day one? Literally, your answer makes all the difference in the world.


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Gently Down The Stream

The older you get, the more and more fishing trips become less and less about catching fish.

Norman Maclean wrote in A River Runs Through It, “One of life’s quiet excitements is to stand somewhat apart from yourself and watch yourself softly becoming the author of something beautiful…”

I had the opportunity to float twelve miles of the North Platte River today. I entered the stream with the quote above and wrestled with it for all twelve miles.

Life is but a dream.

Author something beautiful with it.

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Where Contribution Meets Destiny…

…is where the music happens.

In other words, it’s your gift to the world and the fulfillment of your purposes here on Earth.

Happy happy.

Joy joy.

You’ve got to throw the boomerang for it to come back.

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