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Out there and in here…

When you decide how you will be, you will then have chosen how you will see.

The heart that beats to love, joy and peace finds itself powering the feet and hands of connection, care, and trust.

If all you’re seeing is a war with your eyes, it’s likely that there’s one happening in your chest.

Who knew that when you have nothing to attack on the outside chances are there’s nothing for you to defend on the inside? And that, my friends, is called freedom.

Your Fruit > Your Weapons.

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An artist has no problem occupying, diving into, or even setting sail into the vacant, the open, and the unknown.

Such pursuit of discovery is a beautiful way to unwrap the gift that is called possibility.

Today, may you and your discovery horizons be blessed.

Seaside, FL

Seaside, Florida 2015

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The Uncertainty that Comes With the Alchemy of Our Days

Sometimes it takes a billion stars to get the point across.

Yes, these stars will forever continue beg us to be explorers, but we shouldn’t hold our breath for them to tell us what we’re going to find.

There will be uncertainty. Nevertheless, we alchemize passionate participation with eager anticipation into our wonder-filled joy.

Rest assured, all kinds of beauty will be there to hold.

All because we tuned into the Divine shine.

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Q & A

In the end, our greatest questions will end up being our greatest answers that we will live and light up our worlds with.

Ask the right ones.

Seek what’s beautiful.

Knock on the door of mystery.

It will be given.

You will find.

Doors will open.

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