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The A-Z Manifesto.

Ask often.

Be yourself.

Curate daily.





Heal what needs healing.

Investigate where you’re curious.


Know your values and ask them to lead you.

Love. And when it doesn’t work, love again. And again.

Make music.

‘No’ changes everything.

Order. Disorder. Reorder.

Pause by orchids. Practice silence. Plow your field.

Questions are the greatest answers.

Responding > Reacting.

Simple is luxurious.

Take a sabbath.

Uncertainty tells a better story than certainty.

Value people.

Wholeness won’t happen without you gathering the pieces.

X marks the spot that’s called your soul. Don’t forget about X.

‘Yes’ is a gift you get to give. And you only have so many you can give.

Zeal + Humility + Humanity multiplied over time = a story worth repeating.


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Books of the Summer

Everything gets better when I read. My awareness. My marriage. My health. My joy. My energy. All of it gets an uptick in a better and more beautiful direction.

Here’s a few of the books I’ve enjoyed over the last couple months.

The Third Plate – Dan Barber


You may recognize the author, Dan Barber, from one of the episodes of Chef’s Table on Netflix. You’ll find it packed with incredible stories and if you’ve never awakened your inner foodie this will do it.

How To Be Here – Rob Bell


All too often we hold on to our yesterday’s and prematurely jump into our tomorrow’s. Rob wonderfully unpacks just how electric our present moments are with the wonder and awe that we are truly after. Rob joined us earlier this year at Let The Music Play Podcast to talk about How To Be Here.

Biocentrism – Robert Lanza


You know the world isn’t flat and, hopefully, that finding meaning isn’t linear. But wait until you learn about consciousness.

Becoming Wise – Krista Tippett 


Krista’s work at OnBeing is truly one of my most cherished gifts I’ve experienced over the last few years. In Becoming Wise she takes the gold gathered from many of her interviews over the years and couples it with her insight and personal alchemy. Krista, from all of us, thank you.

Present Over Perfect – Shauna Niequist


From the author that brought us Bread and Wine, comes a lovely memoir that is mapped full of roads to more peace, fulfillment, and simplicity. PS – She may be joining us at LTMP Podcast soon.




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It’s free?



Everything you truly want is free.

Make your list: peace, joy, hope, love, wonder, awe…really, what more could you ask for?

And if there is a cost, the cost is simply the work of becoming aware of where the ego needs to be silenced or pardoned.

Are you willing to let that go to find everything you’ve ever wanted?

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Episode 32: Holstee Co-Founder Mike Radparvar

The recession hit and Mike Radparvar decided with his brother and a friend to start something new. That something new would be a New York based company they would call Holstee. But more than just create a company that would create a living for these entrepreneurs, they wanted to curate and stand for something that would help them facilitate the making of a life worth living. That’s when they wrote the Holstee Manifesto and one hundred million clicks later, they are still trying to find the words for what they have on their hands. Holstee now has inspired millions across the globe and offers an incredible monthly subscription that provides a space for subscribers to reflect on what matters the most and explores one mindful theme each month through art, words, and action.


Mike Radparvar co-found of Holstee


Mike joins us in Episode 32 at Let The Music Play Podcast as we talk about creativity, leadership, curiosity, and the art of designing the life you want live and lead.


The Holstee Manifesto

Make sure to share this with those you love and those you lead! As always you can stream and download this episode and all other episodes in iTunes by clicking here.

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