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The Mystery of Trees

Rejoice in the mystery of trees.

The only problem we have been sent to solve is in the planting of them.

Not the rain.

Not the widening of the trunk.

Not the stretching of the branches.

Not the budding, dropping, and re-budding of the leaves.

Not even the roots boulevarding their way through the dirt.

Just the planting.

We can’t, fortunately, control the B-Z of this mystery and most things we’re after. Just ‘A’: planting.

Freeing isn’t it?


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1). Sow.

2). Grow.

3). Harvest.

The Muse does not allow the process in any other way.

1 – Is all on us.

2 – Is all on the Muse.

3 – Is a byproduct of the Muse rewarding your time spent at #1.

The best harvesters I know are obsessive sowers.


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