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The Tree @ 2305 Speedway

There’s a tree at 2305 Speedway, the home I grew up in, that still bears the carvings I engraved into it as young boy.

That tree is now a metaphor that I think about quite often.

Few things will carve deeper into the souls we cross, the moments we experience, and the days we’re given than the music we create and offer back to the universe.

And while we’re on the subject of trees, here’s a beautiful writing on the slow and enlightening beauty that trees give us.

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V is for Vulnerable…and Vermont

If you ever get the opportunity to see the trees change from green to gold in Vermont, do it.

And take a copy of V is for Vulnerable by the great Seth Godin.

The changing leaves are falling memos if you’re willing to look and listen to them.

This will make more sense when you get there.



Burlington, Vermont October 2014

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The Mystery of Trees

Rejoice in the mystery of trees.

The only problem we have been sent to solve is in the planting of them.

Not the rain.

Not the widening of the trunk.

Not the stretching of the branches.

Not the budding, dropping, and re-budding of the leaves.

Not even the roots boulevarding their way through the dirt.

Just the planting.

We can’t, fortunately, control the B-Z of this mystery and most things we’re after. Just ‘A’: planting.

Freeing isn’t it?


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