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You and Your Words

They carry us.

They build new worlds.

They can oxygenate a suffocating room and they suffocate a room that  breathes on hope.

They take us to new places.

They shine the way.

And, sometimes, they’re all we have.

You design and choose them and they will go wherever you send them.

And, in the end, our worlds reflect our words.

So before you say it, type it, text it, or even repeat it…think about what type of world you want to live in.

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Stay true.

There’s a song in you. A holy hum. A chord struck by the divine and eternally unfolding. Learn that song and stay true to it.

There’s also a light. This light is there to warm the room you find yourself in and illuminate the path of your journey. Learn that light and stay true to it.

If you’re going to be called something by the world, why not let them call you by those things that have been calling to you all along?

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I had a client thank me today. The kind of thank you where we both felt that something more than a transaction had just taken place. Something human.

In the mail today, I got a note from a friend and one from a family member. They were the kind of notes that nudge the universe a bit. The kind of notes that only a human could write.

Let’s do an exercise.

Draw a circle and then write ‘us’ in the middle.

When unity becomes a shade of joy you learn to color with you’ll find yourself in an ocean of beauty.

And here’s the question….just how big can we get this circle?

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November, December. Gratitude to Joy.

Over the weekend I started a 61 day journey through November and December with real-time reflections on the beauty that is held in these two months.

I would love to have you join me on Instagram by clicking here.

PS – Let The Music Play Blog turned four years old today. If you’re still here, this party is just getting started.

Happy birthday, LTMP. You are not mine, but I am yours.

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