Below The Surface of the Colors We See

You’ve got them – I’ve got them – we’ve all got them.

Purple problems we’re sifting through, orange organizations we work in, and green goals we’re after.

But they’re not just colors are they? Something got them here to the color they actually are. Circumstance, belief, courage, fear, paranoia, joy, hope, purpose, harsh words, and encouraging words all mixed together to make the colors of your world. Blue and red made your purple. Yellow and red made your orange. Blue and yellow made your green. Oh, and blue and green and a little more blue after the initial mix made your turquoise.

May we be the leaders that gaze into Purple to see her red heart and blue soul.

May we be the leaders that take Orange and love him for his awkward yellow ways and red personality.

May we be the leaders that get under the skin of Green to find its blue ocean and yellow streams.

Don’t be fooled by the outer coat or the surface because it’s just an illusion of what has happened within and below it. There’s a world of mixing, matching, and harmony that occurred to make the color that you see before you.

If you hear anything today hear this…That thing you call Orange just may be waiving his red hands at you. Look deeply. Listen closely.

It is below that surface that the beauty of most things come to life and if you want to be a leader you must fall in love with snorkeling.


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