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Glennon Doyle Melton writes in her new book that is set to release September 6th that when crisis arrives in life, we are invited to sift through the details of our story that is being written and eventually we are left with only that which truly matters.

We actually get the word crisis from the latin word cribum which means to sift or to separate.

My journey through this soul sifting started four years ago to the day.

There’s a lot that sifted out, but it is with brutal joy that I can share what I was left holding after the sift.


An appetite for stillness.

Rediscovery of my true self.

Wonder & Awe.

A radar, thermometer, and tuning fork for the soul.


A quest for beauty.

A crisis isn’t necessary for all of us, but two consistent questions most definitely are.

What needs to stay?


What needs to go?

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It’s free?



Everything you truly want is free.

Make your list: peace, joy, hope, love, wonder, awe…really, what more could you ask for?

And if there is a cost, the cost is simply the work of becoming aware of where the ego needs to be silenced or pardoned.

Are you willing to let that go to find everything you’ve ever wanted?

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What explanation doesn’t do…

Think of the places where you’re currently operating in and out of awe and there will be the places you’re most likely in some state of love.

Now think of the places where you can justify, explain, and rationalize things. Chances are that is where you can most likely be offended, quick to defend, and dualistic in your thinking.

Eugene Ionesco said it better than I ever could…”Explanation separates us from astonishment, which is the only gateway to the incomprehensible.”

In the end, wonder has always better been a better friend to beauty than certitude ever has.

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The Space Between (Part 2).

The space between creativity and something new being crafted is me.

The space between me and you is compassion.

The space between compassion and awareness is empathy.

The space between empathy and action is love.

And that is the space that changes the world.

I’ve connected quite a few dots since Part 1.

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Renting vs. Owning

There’s an enormous difference in the engagement, experience, and fulfillment that occurs when we rent something and when we own something.

Think about the cars you’ve rented in the past. Style, design, and color isn’t near as important as price. And while we’re on the topic, you probably chose ‘cheap’.

Now think about the car you own. Or better yet, think about the car you you’ve wanted and dreamed of owning. I would bet that you know the color, the specs, the feel…and somehow, you even have and idea of the smell.

The same can surely be said for our homes and other rentable products and services but what about our lives?

Here’s the catch of the day: Ownership leads to reverence. You interact with everything differently when your time and energy was involved in making it a reality. And isn’t reverence what we’re all looking to get out our moments, minutes, hours, days, and lives? Don’t we want to respect, interact with, admire, and find awe in the electric flow that happens when we do our part in creating something worth remarking on and worth being shared?

We want to know that our presence was a part of something new, fresh, mysterious, and original. We want to taste and see the beautiful. We want to be still and know the Divine. We want to stop and smell the roses. But how many of us OWN these longings and make the investment for them to become realities? The research shows very few.

Own your life and take ownership of what leads to the wonder and beauty of your days. Don’t rent it to cable tv, the media, and pessimism. They’re terrible landlords and their only concern is you paying them with holiest of all currencies…your time.

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