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That Didn’t Hurt So Bad

Few things hurt like we thought they would.

The speech you were dreading to give. The infamous flu shot. The 15 year mortgage. Pausing for breakfast. And maybe the most avoided of all, vulnerability.

It’s those things we didn’t see coming in our peripheral that bear the most pain.

Awareness, we need you.

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Mountains, Galaxies, & Oceans AKA Life, Family, & Business

The reason we gawk at mountains, get lost in the stars, and are taken away by the crashing of ocean waves is because they read us…they reflect something that is true deep in our core…they encourage us to come and climb, to shine, and to sail.

The richness that I’ve been able to claim in this world is the divine allurement of life, family, and business. They’re my mountains, galaxies, and oceans.

They carry a tone of exploration. They have a theme of discovery. They are a bouquet of beauty.

What do you feel on the inside looking while looking at the outside of mountains?

What do you hear in the cosmos?

Where are you taken as the waves slam your skin?

Now ask these same questions looking at your life, family, and business.






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Similes and Metaphors

What you want is to do and create something fresh, something new, and bring forth to the world something you’ve seen between the lines, that only you can see, and that we need to see. Therein lies a reason to spring out of bed in the morning and an avenue to sleep well at night.

By the very definition of ‘you’ your pursuit should not be to be, become, or produce a simile with your life, brand, and business.

The goal, or better yet, your role, is to be and bring us a metaphor.

Comparing similes and metaphors, it appears a metaphor is the stronger of the two rhetorical analogies to label your days with.

Let’s say this another way, your unlikeness is worth more to us and to yourself than your uniformity is.

This goes for you, your brand, and your music.

Teaching us to fly >Trying to “Be Like Mike”.

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If It Was Easy, Everyone Would Be Fulfilled

I recently heard one of my heros, Matt Chandler, state that ‘most things that are not fought for are never had.’

These words rang a bell with me.

Unfortunately, the only way to coast is downhill and chances are what we all truly want out of our lives, families, and businesses is going to require an uphill battle, resistance, and a climb of some sort.

I’ve said this before, but I believe it’s worth repeating. The reason we gawk at mountains is due in part to us being able to hear their plea for us to come and climb them.

May we be battle responsive in-lieu of being battle oblivious. The only thing better than the view atop Mt. Everest is the fulfillment one holds.


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